About Us

Who we are and our values

Healthy Care Limited has been created with people in mind – both those who need care and those who can provide it. We try to match our carers with people of the same character traits – this makes your loved ones feel like they have a companion and not someone standing over them. We encourage independence. Unless the condition requires it, we support instead of doing everything for the person. We believe we are bringing a fresh, more human approach to care at home in Peterborough.

We always strive to provide excellent care and to constantly improve our services. When hiring we look for people who are loyal, honest, hard-working and are passionate about helping others. Our carers are full of empathy and genuinely like working with people.

At Healthy Care we know that everyone’s case is different – different circumstances require different care plan. We approach each person individually. The bespoke care package will be prepared for you and your loved ones. We will look into your needs as well as opportunities to create a professional plan of care that will surpass your expectations. Our main goal is to keep the person we care for safe, happy and worry-free as much as possible.

Entrusting your loved ones into hands of strangers can be quite daunting and stressful. Rest assured – we have been caring for people for years now! Our excellent reviews and good grades achieved during inspections are proof of our continuous great care.

Fundamentals of our care


Our whole service is based on providing care by people full of empathy. We approach everyone individually - our care plan is suited to your needs so you feel comfortable and cared for.


We only work in Peterborough and surrounding areas so we can ensure our carers are there on time, know the neighbourhood which is essential in providing assistance on a daily basis.


You can depend on us! We know it might be difficult to trust someone especially if you are far away but we have a number of trainings and routines in place to ensure your loved one's safety.

Book your care assessment

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Please fill out the form and we will contact you with all the answers. We shall also schedule a care assessment for you. If you wish you can also contact us via phone on 01733 857740 or email [email protected]

Home Assessment

For your and your loved one’s convenience, we will visit you at home to discuss your needs. This will be a great occasion to meet the person we will care for and propose a type of care.

Care delivery

Once we agree on all details like schedules and type of care, we will start providing our excellent care! We are inspected and rated by Care Quality Commission - you are in safe hands.